The archer's career

Which bow ?

Choosing the "right" bow is a very personal decision. Those who don't know which one they want initially, shall try all bow types and do not need to hurry. The different types are not "better" or "worse", you simply have to feel the difference.

Go ahead

The club offers all beginners the use of its bows during the first weeks, until they have some experience and know which type of bow they would like to rent. This offer is subject of availability.

Once the archery virus has fully infected you, we recommend renting a bow first. Renting costs about Fr. 30.- to 40.- per month. Of course we will advise you the best we can.

Only after the renting period should you think about buying your own bow.

A complete archery equipment costs anywhere from Fr. 600.- to 3000.-, depending on the type of bow and the quality.

Also for me ?

Archery is suitable for nearly everybody. It requires some patience at the beginning and continuous training. There is absolutely no age limit.

Juniors are welcome, but must be accompanied by their parents.

Just do it !

The BC Baden offers all interested archer the possibility to get to know and practice all facets of this fascinating sport: be it during the practice sessions or at tournaments, simply for fun, or with enthusiasm and motivation for victory.

In order to achieve perfect mentoring and a well-regulated training in parallel, we ask of you to send an e-mail containing your surname, first name, address, age, left- or right-handedness, and phone number to

If you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, please try it again. Your notification is not valid without our confirmation.

Children and juniors

The BC Baden cannot offer childcare. Children aged 10 and above may participate in the training, but only if they are accompanied by their parents during each practice session. Parents are required to look after and supervise their children.
Juniors aged 15 or more may join in autonomously if the parents give their written consent.




Small bow guide for beginners


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