The archers of Baden

The archery club Baden, shortly called BC Baden, was founded in 1976.
Its purpose is the promotion and exercise of archery, as well as the exercise of companionship among the archers.

Our activities

  • Weekly practice:
    Monday all year, Thursday in summer, Friday in winter
  • Tournaments
  • Club championships, tournaments for fun
  • Courses for beginners
  • Training by professionals: 3 to 4 evenings yearly

Some of us shoot in tournaments in and outside of Switzerland; while others just want to shoot some arrows on our practice site, and never go to any tournament. That's the freedom of everybody in the BC Baden.

The ultimate highlights of the season are the yearly club championships and the for-fun tournaments. You'll never know what to expect... But we should not forget to mention the weekly practice with subsequent technical discussions.


Our members

Our club has about 45 members at the moment, which are of course not all presented here. We also have 6 juniors: our club cares about the future of archery.

We welcome temporary archers that are, for instance, working in Baden for some months and don't want to abstain from their beloved hobby. The monthly fee for temporary membership is the same as for beginners.

The executive

The executive is presented on the page Executive .


Member fees






Juniors & students


CHF 150.- yearly

CHF 80.- yearly


CHF 15.- monthly

CHF 8.- monthly



The favorite supplier of
the BC Baden

The BC Baden
is a member of FAAS